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How To Reach Golden Temple By Train

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Travelling by train is always the more exciting and adventurous option as one gets to travel in utmost comfort and interact with new people and view picturesque sites. Lucky for you, Amritsar has amazing rail connectivity to all the major cities in the country. The city has a number of railway stations like Amritsar Junction (ASR), Verka Junction (VKA), Mananwala (MOW), and Tangra (TRA) that offer trains running to chief places like Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur etc. The distance of the main railway station i.e. the Amritsar Junction from the Golden Temple is only 2 km so one can easily reach the temple from the railway station in just a matter of 10 minutes. Here’s how you can reach Amritsar by train from various Indian cities:

• Delhi to Amritsar- Trains like Swarna Shatabdi, Amritsar Shatabdi, and Garibrath Express run from New Delhi Railway Station to Amritsar Junction and will take just around 6 hours for you to reach your destination comfortably.

• Mumbai to Amritsar- Several trains, namely Paschim Express, Amritsar Express, and Golden Temple Malhour etc. run from Mumbai Central to Amritsar Junction. However, the journey would take as long as 32 hours so decide on your mode of travel accordingly.

• Jaipur to Amritsar- Adi Svdk Express and Ajmer Amritsar express are some of the trains that run from Jaipur Junction Railway Station to Amritsar Junction and ensure that you reach your destination in 14-18 hours in the most comfortable manner.