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Our Teams

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much", this not just a quote but a notion followed by all of us at Indiator. Consistent performances and tireless effort of our team has taken Indiator on the level of triumph by creating a holiday experience of a lifetime just for you.

Rachna Mishra


She drives Indiator's global business strategy, which includes all the travels and tours expertise. Her skills in user-experience design and methodical research has made Indiator a thriving company ever since its creation. She is a great leader with exceptional aspirations.

Prakash Grover

Head of Operations

He is a mentor and a highly experienced professional who overlooks at all the on goings in the operational department. His jolly nature and zeal towards his work has always been a motivation for everyone.

Juhi Pandey

Sr. Executive operations

Skillfully professional, she handles hotel contracting, customer support and tours. With her versatile experience and knowledge of international culture she is immaculate at her job while dealing with the clients. She is always a bliss to be around and a big time foodie.

Sameer Mishra

Operations Executive

Always updated and attentive, he manages a flawless execution of all the tours and transfers effortlessly and plays a vital role in the operations. His undying love for cricket and chirpy nature keeps everyone entertained.

Pawan Negi

Assistant Manager Sales

The ultimate travel expert and the voice of Indiator, is a professional in converting online queries into sales, manages the costing and is an active customer support. He comprehends the client and customizes the tours as needed. His passion for trekking and love for nature is what landed him in the travel industry.

Deepshikha Justa

Content Manager

The face behind all the creative content, she is a team builder and an enthusiast with a vast experience in the media industry. She is always full of fresh ideas and is updated about the trends in the travel industry, not to forget she is also an absolute movie buff.

Anjali Joshi

Executive content writer

A keen traveler and a creative writer with an abundance of out of the box ideas, she is a fresh face in the travel industry. With a lovely smile and a humble attitude, she is one of the youngest team members at Indiator with past experience of professional writing.

Alok Mishra

IT Manager

He is a work oriented personality with over 8 years of experience in IT and developing. He proficiently manages website developing and database management at Indiator. Unlike others, his passion and profession are luckily the same.

Mukesh Raj

Sr. UI Developer

With an extensive experience in UI developing and website designing, he is an integral part of Indiator. He makes sure that the website is easy to use and attractive. Off the digital side, his quiet personality also seeks an interest in cricket.

Poonam Arya

Accounts and Admin

From managing the revenue to administering the payrolls of the company, she has got it all covered. With a 7+ years of experience in finance, she has a vast knowledge of accounts and funding. Her subtle and calm nature is admired by all.

Diksha Shukla

Digital Marketing Manager

Responsible for the outreach of the creative content online, she is a digital wizard. With a broad span of knowledge in SEO and PPC, she has surpassed her role at Indiator. Always keen to learn about new tricks and tactics in the digital community.

Shraddha Singh

SEO Team leader

She is an all rounder who handles multiple roles like website analysis, Google analytics, SEO, and social media handling. She always puts best efforts to get a maximum outreach. She is a creative thinker with a bubbly nature who loves to dance, paint, travel and explore.


SEO Executive

Always working with a smile on her face, she is wonderful at her job with utmost curiosity to learn new things. She manages the upload of the original content and works on user optimization for the website. Besides high professional aspirations, she is also a dancing queen.

Aman Kumar Singh

SEO Executive

With a 2 year experience in SEO industry and a broad knowledge of his work, he handles the regular update of content on the web for good lot of organic traffic on the website. He is cricket enthusiast which makes him a great team player professionally as well.

Manoj Singh

Manoj Singh

In-bound Operations Executive

With quite an experience in the tourism industry, he is now a crucial part of Indiator. He directly deals and collaborates with some of the best accommodations and amenities and also helps in assisting the tours round the clock. A cricket lover and a movie buff who chose the world of travel.

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