Indiator Reviews

john Hyde

June 01 2018

Best place to visit in Feb.Boat ride at Lake Pichola was awesome!!!


April 05 2018

The arrangements were very good. I loved my hotel at Udaipur. Even the cab driver Ram Kishan was very friendly.


June 01 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Udaipur. Apart from the destination, my stay was made great by the company of friendly hotel staff.

sam henderson

June 07 2018

the driver was nice and good but the guide was two step ahead, he explains everything inch by inch. The stay was nice. it was good that I had booked tour from Indiator.......overall nice trip and Highly recommended!


May 04 2018

Rajasthani culture has always drawn my interest. Udaipur was one of the places on my bucket list. Thus, I planned my trip to the city. Indiator helped me to plan a comfortable stay at Udaipur. My guide in Udaipur was very friendly. I was impressed by his hospitality. Also, I was happy with the choice of hotel. It had a great view and was a comfortable stay.


May 04 2018

The itinerary was well-planned. The breathtaking views of Jagmandir Island Palace or Lake Palace from the Dudh Talai were the moments I truly savored. The service of the English speaking guide was commendable. The stay was comfortable, clean and orderly.


June 01 2018

Travelling becomes a great experience when it is planned properly. Choosing Indiator for the same was undoubtedly a great experience. The entire trip was a good experience. But, my personal favorite was boat ride at Lake Pichola and the wonderful view of the lake palace.


April 01 2018

Referred by a friend, I choose Indiator for my tour to Udaipur. I have never been to Udaipur. Thus, I got in touch with the representatives of the company. They gave me the best advice as per the little adjustments I wanted in the package. I was highly impressed by the quality of services.


March 06 2018

The package is well-planned with a nice stay in Udaipur. The package is a good way to spend your time in Udaipur. The stay was good along with that the cab arrived by the said time. The dinners were also good giving a satisfactory experience.


May 01 2018

The panoramic view of Pichola Lake along with a beautiful sunset at Nakki Lake was a memorable experience of my stay in Udaipur. Adding to this, the services provided by Indiator were amazing. From the tour guide to private cabs, everything was very well arranged.