Indiator Reviews

Terry goff

April 10 2017

Great friendly service, very informative

Shelley Hajdu

February 14 2017

Such a wonderful piece of arquitecture and history its worth the trip to?Agra.?Its a magical experience.......dont miss this place while travelling in India. Remember to get ther early in the morning so u can experience the changing color gemstones during sunrise

Annette lucas

January 15 2018

I visited twice in two days, one morning visit and one at sunset. Stunning, beautiful, impressive, amazing. What more can anyone say that hasn't already been said or written. I can only urge anyone visiting Agra to visit this stunning wonder if the modern world whilst you still can. It's staggering beauty will leave you lost for words. Highly recommended an absolute must.

Jack Gough

October 16 2017

Amazing structure. Go early in the day as it gets very busy after 11;00 a.m. Might be worth getting up to see the sunrise. You cannot take certain items inside so check the website or you'll get turned away. When you purchase your ticket for 500 INR, make sure that you go to the counter that gives foreigners a bottle of water and shoe covers. Otherwise your feet will be cold and wet on the marble.

Sandra Lafferty

September 07 2017

Very informative and welcoming! Made me feel comfortable and got me so excited for my upcoming trip!

Ronald Slentz

August 21 2018

good service, quick and easy

elaine piccone

July 17 2018

Excellent Service. Bantu did a superb job.

freddie bufkin

November 15 2017

Just brilliant service and look after you so well!!

dennis carrara

August 16 2017

Very helpful and speedy, all questions answered and very friendly.

David R. Chavez

November 23 2018

by telling me everything I am entitled to throughout the entire trip and making everything as easy as possible