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Things To Do In Goa

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If you think Goa is all about lazing around and enjoying a few sips of beer then you should delve a little deeper to look for something new. Aside from beach strolls city offers you inexhaustible chances of activities to experience the other side of Goa. Take a quick glance at the fun things to do in Goa, which will toss at you a clear picture of the unexpected events that you must indulge in. Go through the information provided to have the best time in Goa ever.

Water Sports

The exquisite beaches here offer incalculable opportunities to indulge in water sports. Do not miss a chance to splash in the water and make the most of your trip by opting for activities like windsurfing, scuba diving, water skiing, parasailing, and swimming.

Spice Plantation

If you are looking for some offbeat trip you can opt for a spice plantation tour. Take a walk in the aromatic fresh plantation and learn the process of how it is planted, harvested and further processed.

Dolphin Spotting

Dolphin watching tour is quite popular among tourists. Embark on an island trip and watch the adorable activities of Dolphins. The playful creatures will definitely melt your heart.

Yoga In Goa

A perfect retreat for detoxifying, book yoga tour in Goa and feel rejuvenated. Calm your mind with yoga sessions and enjoy the quaint view of the sea while you unwind at the beach cottages.

Crocodile Spotting

Grab a chance to witness crocodile in their natural habitat in Goa and capture the sight of these creatures with your camera. With crocodile spotting tour get up and close to the endangered species.