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Things To Do In Mysore

Plan Your Trip

Formerly an administrative capital of the Wodeyar dynasty, Mysore still retains its old world charm. Noted for its beautiful architecture the city is always crowded with tourists. Be it a family holiday or a romantic weekend escape, it is just the perfect destination for all types of travelers. The city offers fun things to do in Mysore that would make your trip an unforgettable one. So, before you plan a tour of this royal city, take a look at some interesting things to do in Mysore.

Walking Tour

In Mysore, every nook and corner is ready to surprise you with something new to discover. Opt for a walking tour and visit places having historical importance and stop by the food joints serving the best street food.

Indulge In luxury

Get ready for a royal treat in Mysore and stay at the best of heritage hotels. Indulge in royalty and pamper yourself in the luxury of gorgeous palaces that offer an unparalleled experience.

Spot A Wildlife At The Mysore Zoo

Unleash the wild side in you as you spot bears, jaguars tigers, lions, pelicans, gorillas and giraffes at the famous Mysore Zoo. Visiting this place with family or friends is undoubtedly amongst the best things to do in Mysore.

Be A Part Of Famous Mysore Dussehra Celebrations

Plan a Mysore tour at such a time of the month when you can witness the Dussehra festival, which is an extravagant affair. The Mysore Palace is illuminated on this day and innumerable fairs & parades take place that offers an exuberant vibe.

Yoga Tour In Mysore

If you are looking to achieve spiritual peace opt for a yoga tour in Mysore. Rekindle your mind, body, and soul as the city offers a host of wellness programs with a professional yoga instructor to suit your individual needs.