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Delhi Excursion

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The capital city of India is a splendid tourist destination that proffers quite a few Delhi excursion tour opportunities to places far and near. Delhi, connected with many prominent tourist attractions, is quintessential for escape from the hustle-bustle of a chaotic city. For a perfect weekend, you can embark on a day outing near Delhi to enthralling and breathtaking places close to the metro cities.  Some of the top excursions that are easily accessible from Delhi are listed below:-


Distance: - 233 Kms

 The city of Agra, which is synonymous with Taj Mahal, is noted for its monuments, shrines, handicrafts, and scrumptious food. Ramble around its ancient lanes and discover why it is the most preferred excursion from Delhi.


Distance: - 162 Kms,

Acclaimed amongst the seven sacred Hindu cities, Mathura is the prominent religious site. Home to the innumerable of ancient temples, the city fills you up with a sense of spirituality.


Distance: 182 Kms

The pious town in the Mathura region is optimal for Delhi day excursion tour for religiously inclined people. Located in the Mathura region, it is where Lord Krishna spent his childhood.

Neemrana Fort Palace

Distance: 120 Km

Towering on a hill the imposing fort-palace, situated on a Delhi-Jaipur highway encloses seven palace wings surrounded by beautiful gardens.


Distance: 267 Kms

Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, Rishikesh is an interesting blend of spiritual adventure and nature. Quite apt for all kinds of travelers it is a perfect escape to the calm ambiance of Himalayas.