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History Of Delhi

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Buried in the multistory edifice and busy markets is the several epochs of Delhi history, which is visible through the architectural delights. Dotted with many monuments, it has become the prominent tourist attraction in Delhi. Rebuilt 8 times by its many conquerors, Delhi has found a place in the epic Mahabharata as Indraprastha. The Pandavas in 1400 BC shaped the city out of a barren land and made it their abode. However, the history begins with the onset of Tomara Rajputs who were the successors of Arjuna. The most renowned of the Tomar rulers, Anangpal, is credited for discovering the Delhi city.

Then around 1180 AD, Delhi came under the rule of the legendary Prithviraj Chauhan who re-named it as Quila Rai Pithora. He was the last Hindu King to ascend upon the throne of Delhi. Then in 1192, Muhammad of Ghori captured the Rajput town, but the invasion by Timur in 1398 put an end to the sultanate. In 1526 Babur defeated the last Afgan, Lodi Sultan in the battle of Panipat and that lead to the commencement of Mughal Empire.

The reins of the city kept shifting from one ruler to another and that is the reason why you find diversity in the history and culture of Delhi.  In the year 1803 AD, Delhi came under the control of the British Government. However, in the year 1947, the Britishers finally left and Delhi became the capital of India.

The city has seen it all, the majesty of Rajputana and Mughals to streets colored with the blood of its populace and still it stands tall displaying the imprint of its history in the most remarkable way.