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Ghats Of Varanasi

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There are almost 87 ghats in Varanasi, which are primarily used for Puja rituals by pilgrims. Manikarnika and Harishchandra ghats are where cremations are solely performed that leads to the attainment of salvation. Most of the ghats were built under the leadership of the Maratha Empire. Many ghats are associated with legends or mythologies that invoke curiosity among tourists.  For an intriguing experience, make sure you visit the ghats listed below.

Assi Ghat

It is the prominent Ghat of Banaras where the confluence of the river Ganga and Assi take place. The pilgrims take a dip in the river before worshiping Lord Shiva, in the form of huge lingam under a nearby pipal tree.

Darbhanga Ghat

The ghat features splendid building, which is visually appealing, and architecturally impressive. Made up of sandstone with an elegant pedestal and Greek pillars it is an imposing palace hotel that you can stay in.

Dasaswamedh Ghat

It is the heart of the pious town, which was created by Lord Brahma to welcome Lord Shiva.  Rated among the top Ghats in Varanasi, it is where the famous Ganga Aarti takes place every evening.

Scindhia Ghat

Quite a picturesque location, it is known for its Shiva Temple, which is partially underwater due to the heavy weight and wobbly construction. The maze of alleyways above the ghat features unmissable temples of Varanasi.

Manikarnika Ghat

It is a cremation ghat where one gets liberated from the cycle of death and rebirth. It is one of the most auspicious place for the last rites in Varanasi.