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Best Time To Visit Varanasi

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Varanasi is blessed by the eternal presence of the holy Ganges and temples of numerous holy deities and saints. Uncountable Indian’s make it a point to visit the Spiritual Capital to receive divine blessings and to wash off all their sins in river Ganga. This oldest city in India demonstrates its eccentric traits through the rituals and the culture. Varanasi experiences all four seasons marked by very hot summers and nippy winters. Even though it might get colder in the peak months, but the best season to visit Varanasi is winter.


Summers, which start from April till June, the minimum temperature of Varanasi is 28°C and maximum reach up to 40 °C. During summer’s humidity is also experienced, which makes it discouraging for tourists  to visit Varanasi because of the excruciatingly hot weather.


The rain gods shower their love in Varanasi from July to September. It is the official time for the monsoons that glorify the ancient charisma of the town when it gets soaked up in the rain making it a good time to visit Varanasi.


Winter is the best season to visit Varanasi, which starts from November.  The days start getting shorter and the temperature begins falling. During the peak winter season between late December to January, the temperature comes down to 5°C or 2 °C making it bitter cold.