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Best Time To Visit Amritsar

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Amritsar is an important landmark for religious destinations and cultural heritage. Home to the renowned Golden Temple, Amritsar is also acclaimed for its significant site Jallianwala Bagh where the biggest massacre of innocent people took place in Indian history. Apart from these, other things, which makes Amritsar most sought-after destination among travelers is its food. If all this raises your curiosity to explore the town make sure you know when will be the best time to visit Amritsar.


Summer in Amritsar lasts from the month of April to June. In the month of April, and May the temperature reaches up to 40 degrees Celsius. The city experiences sweltering heat waves and by the time it is June the temperature reaches as high as 45 degrees. Summer is not the best time to visit Amritsar and Wagah border cause of the excessive heat and dust storms.


Amritsar witness monsoon from July to October, which is also warm and humid. The city experiences mild rainfall usually in the month of August and September. Monsoon gives a relief from the sultry weather, although it can be really humid. So, the monsoon is also not too favorable to plan an Amritsar tour. The average temperature recorded during monsoon is around 32°C.


With the onset of winter that lasts from the month of November to March Amritsar experience a huge rush of tourists. This is the ideal time for the outdoor activities in Amritsar as the daytime is usually pleasant. In December the temperature ranges up to 11 degrees, but it brings out the dynamic side of the city that makes it the best time to visit Amritsar.