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Hotels Near Golden Temple

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While visiting Golden Temple is an extraordinary experience that one looks forward to, it is equally important that your stay during the vacation is also at par with that memorable experience as the combination of these two aspects enhances one’s holiday and makes it memorable. While people can also stay at the Golden Temple completely free of cost to absorb the divine vibe and feel like a local, if you are looking for a more lavish and luxurious option to stay, Amritsar will not disappoint you. The city houses several hotels that range from humble three starrer abodes to lush five starrer dwellings that cater to people of all kinds, no matter what their budget are.

From costing as little as 1000 INR for one night’s stay to over 6000 for the same, there is a wide range of options available for people to choose from as per their interests, requirements, and budget. Most importantly, since the Golden Temple is the most popular component of the city of Amritsar, all these hotels are located at a close proximity to the temple so that you don’t have to travel long distances to reach your destination from your hotel and can spend your holiday in comfort.
Here are some of the popular hotels in Amritsar, all of which are located within 5 kilometres radius of the Golden Temple:

• Hotel Taj Swarna
• Hotel Courtyard by Marriott
• Hotel Regenta Central
• Hotel Ramada
• Hotel Sawera Grand