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Agra Excursions

Agra the medieval town display splendid Mughal-era that features notable monuments. A tourist, who visits Delhi, often chooses the Agra tour package, due to its proximity to the capital city. Surrounded by remarkable places to visit near Agra it makes for lots of interesting events for an extended trip. While Agra alone is packed with sizzling attractions, some of the nearby places just within a radius of 250 km around the city also serve the best purpose.


Distance:- 57 kms

An offbeat destination, Bharatpur is ideal for ornithologists. Rated among best places to visit near Agra the Bharatpur bird sanctuary is a home to rare bird species.


Distance:- 57 kms

If you are looking for tranquility a short tour from Agra to this sacred abode is inevitable. It is a divine place to visit that will help to boost up your mind and soul.


Distance: - 71 Kms

A heritage town revered as a birthplace of Lord Krishna portrays mysticism and love. Optimal for the same day Agra tour, it is a prominent place for pilgrims.


Distance: - 119 km

An ideal destination for Agra excursions the city is brimming with the heritage monuments and palace. The magnificent charm of Gwalior showcases its flourishing royal past.

 New Delhi

Distance: - 211 Kms

Admired for its monuments and shopping malls the capital city is an amalgamation of old and new. With an array of attractions, one would be spoilt for choice in Delhi

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