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FAQ - Agra Fort

Q: Why is Agra Fort famous?
Agra Fort is famous because it is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites list and was once the residence of the emperors of Mughal Empire.

Q: How far is Agra Fort from Taj Mahal?
Agra Fort is about 3 km from Taj Mahal and it takes around 15 minutes to commute between these two heritage sites.

Q: Which is the main entrance to Agra Fort?
The Lahori Gate which is also known as the Amar Singh Gate is the main entrance for visitors.

Q: What are some of the hotels near Agra Fort?

1.    The Grand Imperial- Heritage Hotel
2.    Hotel Clarks Shiraz
3.    Radisson Hotel

Q: Where can we buy the ticket to Visit Agra Fort?
Tickets to visit the fort are available at the ticket counter stationed at the entrance of the Fort.

Q: Can we see Taj Mahal from Agra Fort?
Yes, Taj Mahal can be easily sighted from the Red Fort and looks mesmerizing from that distance.

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