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Best Time To Visit Taj Mahal

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Taj Mahal is such an appealing monument that visitors can’t help but visit the place throughout the year. However, the weather in Agra may not always be at its best which may cause some trouble to the visitors. For instance, the summer season in Agra often gets way too hot and the monsoons are marked with the presence of mosquitoes which may not be an ideal state to explore the monument. That’s why we bring to you the best time to visit Taj Mahal so that you don’t have to compromise on your comfort and well being and yet have a memorable experience.

• Best Time Of The Year

In order to evade the extreme heat of summers and mosquitoes in monsoon, the aptest time to visit Taj Mahal is during the winter season. If you visist during the month of October and March, you will experience a rather pleasant weather and therefore you will also be able to make the most of your Agra tour without any issues, whatsoever.

• Best Time Of The Day

While winter is the best season to visit Taj Mahal, the experience of viewing the Taj Mahal also differs with the differing time slots in a day. While the pure white monument shines with a pinkish hue at sunrise, it looks like a golden beauty at sunset and shines with a silver splendour on a full moon’s night. Therefore, try visiting the Taj at sunrise, sunset, or during a full-moon night to witness its charm at its best.